Virtual Physiotherapy, Secure online care through Telehealth.

Increasingly, patients may look for solutions that allow access to physiotherapy from the comfort and safety of their home. In these cases we offer virtual service where we connect from our office to you at home via a videoconference connection. These sessions include assessment and diagnosis of your injury issue and treatment through exercise, ergonomic advice and activity modification. This can be a great way to access physiotherapy service and is a good alternative for any reason to in clinic care. Book an appointment now using our online web portal and we will see you online!


Our clinic location might be shut down during the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean that our practice is. That’s why we are now offering virtual physiotherapy treatments and will continue to do so into the future.

Like you, we are adapting to ther COVID-19 pandemic!

The way that we assess and treat to include the option for online assessment and treatment. Assessment over video link is very effective, we can accurately diagnose and treat in this way just like we do in clinic!

  • Diagnostic tests.
  • Therapeutic and conditioning exercise.
  • Home and work ergonomics.
  • Suggestions for other interventions like heat, ice, bracing, rest positions and more!

Our secure  telehealth software allows you to connect online via video link to the physiotherapists that you already know and who have already been caring for you! This is as easy as using facebook messenger skype or facetime. In fact the experience is just like facetiming a friend.

The telehealth software is PHIPA compliant, meaning that it meets government regulatory standards for the security of private health information.

Virtual appointments can also be great for a wide variety of scenarios:

  • Seeing you when you are travelling for work.
  • Seeing you when you are vacationing or away for other reasons.
  • Helping you to properly execute exercise when you are uncertain or need guidance.
  • Checking in on your status after discharge.

Most insurance companies cover virtual physiotherapy appointments in the same way that they cover in clinic appointments.