Mobilise stiff rotation after wrist fracture and casting

Dec 26, 2014 – Often after wrist fracture and the associated casting that can last 6 weeks or more a wrist will be restricted through range of motion. Flexion and extension (lifting the wrist up and bending it down) tend to receive the most attention after the cast comes off. But what about rotation? This movement, technically termed pronation (rotate the palm down) and supination (rotate the palm up) is key in so many of our day to day movements. Just try your hand (pun intended) at unscrewing a jar lid, opening a door or throwing a frisbee without this movement.

Certainly having a professional work on things for you is key to regaining full range of motion, but it becomes very difficult to maximise function without some tricks that you can practice at home. I seem to be on a real bicycle inner tube kick this month because this is the second video in a row I’ve posted that uses this easy to make tool. For more instruction on how to make your own inner tube strap, see the video here –>

Try this trick at home, it’s appropriate if you have a limitation of movement at the proximal radio-ulnar joint – if you are unsure if this is you, check with your physical therapist. If you don’t have a physio and live in the Toronto area I’m happy to help! Just send me an email at or call at 416 270 4066!




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