Simple habits make for a great rehab

To paraphrase Aristotle, success is not a singular act, but a skill and is a byproduct of what we do repeatedly and consistently. This concept applies to success in any area, fitness, finance, relationships and yes, even physical rehabilitation.

We cannot save a retirement fund by making random sized contributions once every few months or years – we must set aside a modest amount each and every month without fail! We cannot get the athletic body shape that we desire by working out a little bit once every week to 10 days or so, we must run, lift weights, do calisthenics 3-5 times a week consistently each week without missing over a period of months and years! We cannot create fantastic relationships by paying attention to those we care about just every once in a while. We must nurture our relationships each and every day with love and attention or risk stagnation!

Similarly, successful recovery from injury requires the consistent attention to very simple habits each and every day without fail. Whether it’s strength and stability training to create a sturdy joint, the application of a hot pack for 20 minutes each day to help promote circulation and healing, or even the simple and mindful attention to non-aggravating postures and movement patterns, consistent daily action that places us one step closer to the goal of recovery is crucial to success in rehab. Remembering these simple habits, even in the face of the inevitable setbacks and adversity will pay off.

The next time you are recovering from being hurt remember that perseverance and consistency in simple habits will lead you positive outcomes in all cases. In addition the practice of such habits can lead to positive character development and a stronger person overall. Just like overcoming any adversity in life!

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