Your single daily focus.

Often in the course of pursuing any medium to long term goal, it can become easy to get bogged down in the pursuit of multiple subtasks. Rehabilitation is one of those longer term goals that can be demanding and complicated with many subtasks requiring attention at any given time.

Recently while at a conference, I heard fitness and rehab expert Nick Winkelman describe an attractively simple concept for use in rehab (and any area of life). The idea, “keep one daily focus” requires that the patient focus on only one new concept at a time on a linear progression toward the goal of recovery! The focus will be deceptively simple, “avoid lumbar rotation” for example, or “use a heat pack for 20 minutes today”, or “get 8 hours of sleep”. It should be very easy to implement, and once the patient has nailed down a concept, the focus is switched to the next item along the progression.

This is an interesting way to progress along a goal and can be a great way to simplify what might otherwise seem a bit of an overwhelming task. What is your single daily focus today, whether in rehab or life?

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